The Scandinavian Trade Association

The Scandinavian Trade Association

The Scandinavian Trade Association

The Scandinavian Trade Association

The Scandinavian Trade Association, Inc.’s mission is to educate to preserve Scandinavian and Nordic heritage through networking and events designed to promote trade and cultural exchanges.

We represent the five Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

About Us

We designed this organization in order to provide high quality business networking opportunities for everyone engaged or interested in commerce and/or cultural exchange between countries we represent.

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STA can help you obtain new business connections on either side of the Atlantic Ocean. Our vast network of businesses and organizations in the 5 Scandinavian countries and the United States of America is available to all of our members.


Whether its networking or events such as Viking Fest the STA holds various events throughout the year to continue to grow the Scandinavian connection


As the STA grows we want to keep the community informed of all the events and networking happening with us and in the news. We update our announcements and “STA in The News” regularly to do this.

Piano Concert with Roberta Swedien

The Consulate of Sweden and the Swedish Church in Florida present an evening of Swedish Classical music with Swedish-American Roberta Swedien

Skål! A New Viking Beer Hall!

Ever want to go drinking in a Viking mead hall?! Well Seattle is going to be the new home for a bar that will be designed like a Viking mead hall!

STA Elections

Ever think of running for office?  Okay , not Governor or Senator but how about helping run the Scandinavian Trade Association. That's right you have the chance to run for President or any office on the Board of Directors - you can help us by taking on this challenge...

STA 2018 Annual Meeting

Scandinavian Trade Association 2018 Annual Meeting.

Waes hael! Drinc hael!

Waes hael! Be well! That’s an expression you’d hear a lot if you lived in the Danelaw, the part of Britain that was saturated with Norse law and customs between 850 and 1050 A.D. The response from your cheery companions would be Drinc hael! meaning Drink and be healthy!

3rd Annual Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay Golf Tournament

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay is holding their annual  Golf Tournament on May 18th, 2018. There are sill spots available for players, sponsors and door prizes. To participate as one of these three options please download the form below and e-mail it to...

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