About Us

We are a one of a kind non-profit organization in the Tampa Bay area! We represent the five Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. We designed this organization in order to provide high quality business networking opportunities for everyone engaged or interested in commerce and/or cultural exchange between countries we represent. We love seeing the interest in these countries grow and continue to encourage that interest by providing a forum for our members and their ideas! The Scandinavian Trade Association can help provide you with new business connections on either side of the Atlantic Ocean.  Our vast network of businesses and organizations in the five Scandinavian countries and in the United States is available to all our members. We are Tampa Bay’s leading trade and networking organization within the Scandinavian-American business community in Central Florida.  We are recognized by the Mayor of Tampa, the Honorary Consuls for Scandinavia, the Tampa Bay Chapter of Commerce and World Trade Center and the University of Florida.